Canva Clarity Mini Course:

Clean Up Your Creative Mess!

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Feeling swamped by the chaos of your Canva designs? Drowning in a sea of graphics, templates, and elements? I've got the lifebuoy you've been searching for!

Why This Mini-Course is a Game-Changer:

We've all felt the overwhelm of a cluttered Canva. The endless scrolling, the "Where did I save that?" moments, the frustration.

🚀 Boost Productivity: Spend less time searching and more time creating.

🧠 Mindset Shift: Embrace the freedom that comes with a decluttered workspace.

🔥 Exclusive Content: Get access to videos and checklists that'll make your Canva journey smoother than ever.

Here's What You'll Master in This Mini-Course:

  • Folder Finesse: Dive deep into the magic of folders and subfolders. Organize your designs like a pro, so you can find them in a snap.

  • Time-Saving Tips: We'll spill the beans on hacks that'll save you HOURS. No more getting lost in the Canva rabbit hole.

  • The Art of Deletion: It's not just OK to DELETE, it's therapeutic! We'll guide you on what to keep, what to toss, and how to do it without the fear of "What if I need it later?"

With "Canva Clarity," you're not just cleaning up; you're transforming your entire design process!

Hi, I'm Pam

And I help people with CANVA!

I've been a blogger/VA for a very long time- over 10 years and Canva has been my BFF ever since it was released. I've been teaching others how to utilize Canva to make their process easier and to create unique designs. I'm funny and nervous all at the same time, my mind goes faster than my body or mouth, I say SOOOOO a lot and best part is I am a REDHEAD so I'm a unicorn!

YES- I am a Canva Design Community Canvassador.

Ready to Declutter and Design with Confidence?

Hit that "I NEED THIS" button and let's bring some clarity to your Canva game. Your future designs will thank you!

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